When it comes to cleaning the air and surface, CASPR Group realizes gyms need to ensure they are safe for their members but also safe for their equipment.

CASPR Group offers several safe and natural solutions which provide air and surface disinfecting continuously, 24/7. CASPR solutions were designed with our customers in mind – all options are automated, low maintenance, require no harsh chemicals, and produce no odors or residue. Instead, they naturally reduce odors and VOCs and are up to 99.96% effective against bacteria, viruses, and mold.

CASPR Group solutions are safe to run while members and staff are utilizing the gym and it will not damage your gym equipment. Whether you’re a hot yoga studio with extra humidity or a standard fitness center, our solutions work in any environment.

Air & Surface Protection


Continuous Coverage

Low Maintenance

CASPR Group offers multiple disinfection technology solutions but the two most popular for the fitness industry is the CASPR Pro in-duct units and our plug-and-play, CASPR Compact unit.

CASPR Pro (In-Duct)

Our in-duct units are installed in your existing HVAC systems where they will provide facility-wide coverage without any noise, odor, or residue. These units are optimally placed to ensure all oxidizing molecules exit the duct, circulate the targeted area, and land on all surfaces. The devices come in a variety of sizes to fit any situation. Our smallest unit covers 400 square feet, and our largest covers up to 5,000. Typically, a mixture of sizes is utilized.

Our technical team is ready to review your HVAC plans and provide an installation plan. Installation can be completed by any licensed HVAC professional.

To get started, email your HVAC plans to or visit our CASPR Pro In-Duct solutions page.

CASPR Compact

While our in-duct units are discreetly placed in the HVAC system, our CASPR Compact is visibly displayed so your employees and members know that your gym has invested in them. Purchasers of the CASPR in-duct units also typically buy at least one Compact due to the visible reminder for their patrons.

One CASPR Compact will cover up to 1,500 square feet but multiple can be used to cover even more more square footage. With CASPR Compact, there is no installation as this device simply plugs into a standard wall outlet and is powered on for immediate coverage.

To learn more about our plug-and-plan solution and if it is right for you, visit our CASPR Compact solutions page.

CASPR Technology

CASPR Group’s disinfecting technology utilizes the ambient air and humidity naturally found in your environment to create oxidizing molecules. The molecules are circulated from the CASPR solution in the air throughout the targeted areas where they continuously combat harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and molds.

CASPR is an active technology that ensures your facility has an extra layer of protection at all times. CASPR’s oxidizing molecules are constantly circulating in the air which allows them to combat micro-burdens in real time. This means as a harmful pathogen is introduced in your gym, CASPR is already hard at work reducing the microburden load. Once the Colony Forming Units (CFUs) are reduced, our technology prevents them from growing keeping the number of bad viruses and bacteria low.

A traditional filter, or UV, on the other hand has to wait until that recycled air is pulled into the return vent, passed through the filter or UV light, and then released back into the environment requiring the air to recycle through the filter become trapped.

And unlike episodic sprayers, our technology requires no operator and once installed does not have to be touched again for two years. This means, it is actively working to disinfect the surfaces and air for 24 hours a day.